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"The HOLY GRAIL for Identity Fraud is Your Computers HARD DRIVE!"

This simple solution will keep your information out of the hands of Identity Thieves...

Hi Todd Here, Head Shredding Guy over at Total Secure Shredding, Inc.

I've been shredding your paper documents over the years and the question comes up again and again about what to do with hard-to-destroy items such as Hard Drives. (I guess there's a reason they call them "Hard" drives!)

My Paper Shredding equipment is basically meant to only handle... you guessed it... Paper.

But, these Hard Drives must be destroyed before disposal...

WARNING: Deleting Files or Reformatting Your Hard Drive Does Not Protect The Information You Have On Your Hard Drive. Neither Does Dropping It On The Ground Or Placing It In Water!

These Hard Drives have same kind of Sensitive Personal Information as any Paper Document and we all know that these Paper Documents must be shredded.

I've gone back and forth on the best way to get rid of these hard drives.

All these different methods may work perfectly fine when it comes to destroying the information on your hard drive...

But would you feel 100% satisfied with any of these methods?

Don't Take A Chance!

I wouldn't... and that's my test before I offer any data destruction service to any customer...

If I'm not 100% comfortable with the process, I'm not at all comfortable with offering the process to a customer - PERIOD!

The only way I'd be happy with getting rid of one my personal hard drives would be to run it through a shredder where the end result is a bunch of pieces.

And this is Very Important... once the hard drive platters have been cut into two or more pieces, the chance anyone can get your information is zero!

When we lost the Space Shuttle Columbia in that horrible disaster, NASA was able to contract with a third party to recover a lot of data (99%) from one of Columbia's hard drives even though the electronics within were burnt almost beyond recognition.

The thing about the hard drive from the Columbia was that the platters (the things that hold the data) were basically not damaged. The researchers were able to clean off the debris, re-align them with a new motor, and pull a couple hundred megabytes of information off the drive.

But trust me... I've confirmed this with Forensic Digital Experts... the cost of recovering data from hard drive plates that are in pieces is a Painstaking and Expensive process - upwards of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

Remember the Columbia Hard Drive Platters were in one piece and in relatively good shape compared to the rest of the hard drive.

NOTE: The Columbia Hard Drive fell from a Few Thousand Feet into a dried up lake bed and that didn't prevent the information from being recovered!

Hard Drive Platters that are Scratched, Deformed, and in Pieces are a whole nother story - which is exactly what happens when we run your hard drive through our shredder!

That's why I'm 100% Convinced that running your hard drive through our shredder is 100% Safe and Secure.

Not only that... My Hard Drive Shredding Service offers you the same great Security as our other shredding services:

Whoops... Let Me Back Up One Moment...

All this talk about Hard Drive Destruction assumes you have some idea about what a Hard Drive is and that you'll know how to get it out of your computer in order to bring it in for Destruction.

A Hard Drive is that component within your computer (laptop, desktop, or server) that holds all your critical information that you need and access on a daily basis.

Basically any computer, including smart phones and PDA's, has some sort of Hard Drive (or equivalent) that stores data.

And that Hard Drive must be destroyed before you get rid of that old computer.

If that leaves you scratching your head, just bring us your old computer and we will handle the rest.

We will remove & shred your Hard Drive and then recycle rest of the computer for you.

Once all that done, we'll send you a Certificate of Destruction - Very Simple!

Did I mention you can watch your hard drives get shredded...

While You Wait!

That's right, bring your hard drives down to us and we'll shred them for you so you can watch.

Finally, just because the security of your information is my greatest concern, upon request (additional fees may apply), we will annotate the serial number of each hard drive we shred and keep that serial on record in a secure database.

This is important for a few reasons:

  1. If you believe you had a hard drive shredded with us and that hard drive ever shows up again, we can quickly track down the serial number of all hard drives shredded and the date shredded.
  1. If you ever want to ship hard drives to out facility for secure shredding, you can:
    1. Annotate each hard drive's serial number prior to shipment;
    2. When you receive our confirmation including serial numbers, you can then match up your list and our list;
    3. Provides full proof that we received the entire shipment and it has been securely destroyed.
  1. This is all the proof you'll need to ensure you're completely in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.

Here's how it works...

Load up all your hard drives and computers, bring it down during business hours, or, if you'd like, give us a call to set up an appointment to have us come out to you and pickup - That's It... pretty simple!

Here's the address and hours for drop-off:

Total Secure Shredding, Inc.
7377 Convoy Ct Ste C
San Diego, CA 92111

(Off the 805 & Clairemont Mesa Blvd)

Mon - Fri: 8:30am to 5pm
Sat: 10am to 2pm

Call Today...

... and get a quote on the Most Secure and Affordable Hard Drive Shredding you'll find anywhere in the nation.

Here's our contact phone number:

Local: (619) 295-5474
Toll Free: (800) 536-4832

Remember, your information and your client's information is on your computer and the only way to make sure your sensitive information is destroyed properly, is the have your hard drive destroyed by a professional.

I look forward to seeing you down at out facility.

Until Then...

Keep Totally Secure,

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Todd Hoover
Head Shredding Guy
Total Secure Shredding, Inc.

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"Thank you so much Mike. We have only been doing business with you the past two school years, but I am very glad that I found your company. Price is always important, but the service has been outstanding. Scheduling is never an issue, you are able to provide on-site service at our requested locations, staff is always very accommodating and again price is great! It has been a pleasure doing business with Total Secure Shredding, Inc. Thanks again..."

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