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Paper Shredding Sheriffs

Posted on 14 May 2011 by Total Secure Shredding

I created this cheesy little video 5 years ago and everyone I showed it to hated it…

Had something to do with bullets shooting and saying that we were a “New Sheriff.”

Apparently bullets firing and letting the world know you’re a new company is just the absolute worst things anybody could ever think of doing.

Is it “cheesy” – absolutely

May bullet sounds and holes turn off some people – most likely

Am I worried – NO

Considering all the other stuff found on YouTube, I think this is pretty tame. Goes to show how fast things change in just 5 years.

As a matter of fact, in today’s day and age, the more cheesy and the more it offends the more likely people are going to watch it.

Anyway, I broke this little video (actually a power point presentation) out of the archives, dusted it off, added a little bit, converted it to a video, and away it went onto YouTube.

It’s funny, when I first created this, we didn’t even have a website or phone number!

So enjoy…

Talk to you later,

Your friend,

Head Shredding Guy
Total Secure Shredding, Inc.

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