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Shredding Old Fax Rolls

Posted on 24 August 2010 by Total Secure Shredding

Hey Folks,

Mike here…

Do you remember those older style fax machines that had the carbon paper inside?

Well there’s a good chance that if your home or office currently does have a fax machine that it is bundled with a printer/copier. And as such, when a fax comes in it is printed using the same ink/toner cartridge used for printing or coping. So there’s a good chance you don’t have to worry about this.

(However, I just did a real quick search on Amazon and they still make really low cost fax machines that still run the carbon fax rolls.)

But, if you’ve been in business a while, you might have a stack of used fax rolls sitting around in the back storage room collecting dust.

And, since you can plainly see the contents of every fax sent on those rolls, it’s probably a pretty good idea to make sure these rolls get properly destroyed.

Here’s the rub…

The film on these fax rolls is like tissue. And if you haven’t tried it yet, try running some of this film through your office shredder. As you’ll see, you won’t get a very good result.

The problem is that the film is so thin that it contours around the blades so it won’t shred. Basically a lot of work for little or no results. Especially when you consider all the time it takes to unravel the film from the rolls. (Not a fun job if you’ve ever tried – you also get black carbon mess all over the place!)

Unfortunately, there’s no real fast way to shred these rolls…

But here’s my solution:

You have to sandwich the film between pieces of sturdy paper before running it through the shredder. Most times we use old manila or hanging folders. Or, if we have a lot of the film, we’ll get a bunch of it and place it between two cardboard file box tops.

The cardboard gives the film enough structure to be effectively shredded when passing through the shredder blades.

Our industrial shredder has no problem handling the fax film cardboard sandwich…

The bad news is that, most likely, your office shredding machine won’t be able to handle it!

Also, even down at our facility with our industrial shredders, we still have to unroll the film ensuring we get a quality shred that makes the film unreadable. (So we still get the carbon mess!)

Next time you come across some of these old fax rolls, feel free to give me a call and I’d be glad to help.

Until next time…

Keep Totally Secure,


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Christmas Paper Shredding Special

Posted on 04 December 2009 by Total Secure Shredding

Xmas Present

Hey Folks,

Hard to believe its almost time to say goodbye to 2009.

The good news for us is that January marks the beginning of the Paper Shredding Busy Season. (Thank You New Years Resolutions!)

The bad news is that usually means we are slow in November & December because of the holidays.

In order to Bring Balance to the Shredding Universe, I am going to make a Ridiculous Offer to everyone on my email list…

Those already on my list, you don’t have to do anything. (Not sure if you’re on my list? I sent out an email yesterday to my list about our Facebook Fan Page. If you didn’t receive that – you’re most likely not on the list.)

To get on the list, all you need to do is put your Email Address in the box provided at the top of the side column over on the right.

The email I will be sending  has already been crafted and is waiting in queue to go out at exactly 12:00 pm on Tuesday December 8, 2009.

On that email, there will be a link to a Secret Web Page outlining all the details for this offer.

Here are a couple of hints: Mobile Shredding, Extremely Limited Time

Only those folks who receive the email will be able to access the offer and get to the Secret Web Page.

Just to recap, in order to receive this offer, you’ll have to:

  1. Make sure you’re on our mailing list.
  2. Open the email next Tuesday to follow the link to the Secret Web Page.
  3. Follow the instruction on the Secret Web Page.

This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your New Year Cleaning and receive an Awesome Discount while you do it.

Look for me in your email in-box next Tuesday Afternoon.

Until Then…

Keep Total Secure,


P.S. I will only send the email out once so you must be on my email list by Tuesday Morning. Enter your Email Address at the top of the right hand column right now… even if you’re not ready for this offer, you’ll be on the V.I.P List when it comes to Shredding Services.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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How Could This Happen!

Posted on 21 November 2009 by Total Secure Shredding

Turkey Dinner

Hey Folks,

It seems the Holidays have sneaked up on me again.

No matter how much I commit to trying to be prepared, it just never happens…

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know our Paper Shredding Holiday Schedule from now until the the beginning of the New Year.

We will be closed:

  • Thursday November 26, 2009 (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Friday November 27, 2009 (Day After Thanksgiving)
  • Saturday November 28, 2009 (I won’t know what to do with so many days off!)
  • Friday December 25, 2009 (Christmas Day)
  • Saturday December 26, 2009 (Another Long Weekend!)
  • Friday January 1, 2010 (Happy New Year!)

With so many days off, we’ll have to work overtime in the New Year to make sure all your Get Organized and Shred Resolutions get taken care of!

We will also be working very hard to reach all our Reoccurring Shredding Customers during those three days work weeks at Thanksgiving & Christmas.

I will get everyone squeezed in even if it means I have to show up with scissors in hand!

As my friend Jesse, a West Point Graduate, says, we’ll be doing a lot of “Firing and Adjusting.”

All that means is to “Adjust and Overcome” – in good old fashioned Military Terms.

Our customers should expect plenty of phone calls letting them know when we will be by during those weeks.

The bad news it that there will be little room, if any, to squeeze in any new Mobile or Pickup Shredding jobs during these two short weeks. I’ve already told Vanessa my Office Manager to start scheduling new one-time shredding jobs for the following week starting Monday November 30th.

That being said, if you need emergency service, you can still give us a call and we will try everything we can to get you fit in – but there’s only so many hours in a day and we won’t be able to fit everyone.

However, we should be able to accommodate any walk-ins down at our facility for Drop-Off Shredding during the week on the days we’re open.

Other than that, have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season!

Until Next Time…

Keep Totally Secure,


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