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Retired Business Man Learns $7,200 Lesson

Posted on 13 November 2009 by Total Secure Shredding

Money in wastebasketHey Folks,

If you’re not 100% convinced there are people looking through your trash… you NEED to read this…

Allen, a successful but now retired businessman came down to our facility just this morning to get four boxes of documents shredded.

Allen shreds everything now, but that was not always the case…

When Allen sold his house a few years ago he had a few boxes of items to get shredded…

And because we all know what a royal pain those little shredder are, Allen decided to just throw his papers (Including Old Canceled Checks) right into the trash.

… within two and a half months, Allen received an urgent phone call from his CPA (Never A Good Thing) letting him know that his checking account had been ripped off for $42,000 and there was immediate danger of bouncing checks!

Not only was the cash missing, but Allen had to go to his kids with his tail between his legs and let them know his blunder - You see, his kids are now running the business!

It took a year and a half of coaxing the criminals responsible for the caper that jail time wasn’t in their best interest and that they should give the money back. Fortunately, Allen was able to get everything back but about $7,200. (It would seem the thieves didn’t have the guts or time to spend it all.)

Even still… $7K is a real expensive lesson to learn!

Now back to this morning…

Allen was able to walk into my facility and get everything he needed shredded in just a matter of minutes (10 minutes of shredding and about 20 minutes of shooting the bull between the two of us.)

Not only did he watch everything get shredded in person, he also had a Certificate of Destruction in hand to bring to his kids letting them know there was going to be no repeat performance of the ID Theft fiasco.

The final price tag – $23.80

The moral of the story is that personal office shredders, even the ones you pay a couple hundred bucks for, really suck!

Not only are they time consuming but they Force You Into Taking Shortcuts

… After all, nobody would ever think to look into your garbage to find anything of value – Right?

Head on over to our Secure Drop-Off Shredding Page to get all the details on how we can help you out on your shredding CHORES.

Until next time, keep Totally Secure,


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