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Who’s Doing Your Shredding?

Posted on 19 September 2012 by Total Secure Shredding

Goodwill DefinitionYes, I actually do care…

About making sure your documents are properly shredded to your satisfaction.

Does that mean others who sell shredding services don’t care?

Well I’ll let you decide.

Are you giving your documents to a business or organization that only does shredding?

There are quite a few places in San Diego where you can simply drop off your documents with the expectation that at some point in the future they will be successfully shredded.

One type of business you may find offering shredding drop off  are “postal stores.”

Typically, these stores provide you the opportunity to drop off your sensitive documents with the promise that they will be stored securely and that a shredding company will come by one day in the future for shredding.

There are also very large national  ”charities” that allow you to drop off documents for eventual shredding.

But here are the things you MUST consider:

  • How long are your documents going to sit there before shredding?
  • Are the documents being stored securely?
  • Who exactly has access to your documents?
  • Who has been subcontracted to shred your documents?
  • Where exactly is the location of eventual shredding?

In my mind, these are some of the most important questions you should be asking when it comes to taking your documents for shredding. And honestly, if you have to ask, I would consider going somewhere else!

But there is one more question:

Is a business or charitable organization that provides a variety of services not related to handing and destroying sensitive documents a good fit for your document shredding situation?

Is it just me or do the dots not quite connect that you would, at the same time, drop off some old clothes at a charity along with a box of sensitive documents for shredding? I for one do not care who may or may not be trying on an old pair of pants that I’ve donated. But the same most certainly CAN NOT be said for my old check books, tax returns, and bank statements!

Is it just me or am I the only one who just is a bit skeptical of the person behind the desk at the local postal store. Hell, I’m not even sure I trust them to get my package to its final destination much less hold onto my sensitive documents until some un-vetted shredding company decides to swing by.

Maybe you’re just not as paranoid as I am when it comes to shredding sensitive documents… 

If that’s the case, then my Shredding Service is most definitely NOT for you!

But if you’re just a fraction as paranoid as I am, then my service is the most perfect solution you’ll find just about anywhere.

Here is what we DON’T DO:

  • We DON’T sell packaging
  • We DON’T mail stuff
  • We DON’T sell P.O. Boxes
  • We DON’T sell office supplies
  • We DON’T sell used clothing
  • We DON’T sell used furniture
  • We DON’T sell greeting cards
  • And we sure as Hell DON’T get government tax subsidies

Here is what we DO:

  • We Shred
  • We PAY taxes

Not only is shredding all we do (consequently it’s the most important thing we do) we actually allow you to watch everything get shredded right before you eyes.

We are even the only place where you can request to watch all your documents get cross-cut shredded for even extra security. And you can be damn sure I cross-cut my own personal stuff when it comes to check books, tax documents, bank statement, and other HIGHLY SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS. I even run my stuff through the cross-cut shredder twice just to make sure I got everything and the pieces are extra small. Like I mentioned before, I’m really paranoid!

So if you’re looking for a shredding company that takes handing of your documents seriously, you’ve found the right place.

Your friend,

Head Shredding Guy

P.S. My comments about who pays taxes and who doesn’t is most definitely directed at the multitude of  ”non-profits” that have decided to delve into the for-profit world of shredding. That a “charity” would use its beneficial tax status and their relative high regard in society to artificially lower prices in order to “compete” is reprehensible. But if that wasn’t enough, they then employ individuals with disabilities where the state will subsidize a portion of their hourly wages; again to unfairly compete in an industry where there is vigorous for-profit competition. This is more than reprehensible, this is the height of moral depravity. So, yes, shredding non-profits, and you know who you are, as a small local business that has to compete against you and your government subsidies, I find your business deplorable. The comment section is open below!


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I Don’t Need Your Paper Shredding Service

Posted on 28 January 2011 by Total Secure Shredding

Sorry, I’m not a BUSINESS so I don’t need your Paper Shredding Service

Hey Folks,

I just received a real interesting email this morning and I wanted to share it with you.

I received this email right after this person filled out the email form on our website to receive the “New Customer 20% Off One Time Shredding Purge Discount.”

I’m sorry, I just have a one time very small amount of documents to shred. I do not need your coupon after all. Please do not send me any more e-mails regarding your services because I do not have a business nor will I need your services in the future. Thank you.

I thought this was odd because obviously this person needs a paper shredding service (they’re on our website and actually took the action of filling out the email form) and felt they had too much to do themselves.

(I guess there’s always another explanation… maybe they thought they would be getting 20% off some cheap shredding machine at Staples.)

But here’s how I responded:

Hi Xxxxxxxxx,

I persoanlly have taken your email address out of our database.

Just so you know, our shredding facility located in the Point Loma Area (right behind the Sport Arena) was set up to shred extremely small quantities of paper.

We get residential customers (not businesses) in every day that just have a small quantity to shred.

We can shred up to 30 lbs of paper (which can be quite a lot for a household) for only $5.95 – And you can watch everything get shredded right in front of you. It only takes a minute or so.

This is a Smoking Hot Bargain when you consider the cost of buying a shredder and doing it yourself… Especially if you consider the fact you may burn up your shredder in the process.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website!

Best regards,


We get this questions all the time: I’m not a business and I don’t have that much that needs to get shredded.

And, we get this all the time from residential customers who just have a box or less of documents: This is such a great service! I never thought something like this existed! How busy are you guys?

The truth is that our facility was set up with the small customer in mind.

And, we charge so little, there’s not enough margin to go out and do big time advertising.

We charge just enough to help cover overhead and we offer this service more as a public service than a profit center. Actually, I hope that our drop-off service acts more an advertisement in and of itself  just to get the word out about our other service – which are more business orientated.

Anyway, I thought it was worth repeating the intended nature of our Paper Shredding Drop-Off Service.

As always, Keep Totally Secure.

Until next time,

Head Shredding Guy
Total Secure Shredding, Inc.

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