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Free Hard Drive Destruction: Part 1

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Free Hard Drive Destruction: Part 1

Posted on 02 November 2010 by Total Secure Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction

Making sure hard drives are properly disposed of and the information they contain rendered useless has become an issue of prime importance.

Recently, the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced a settlement with Health Net, an insurance firm, over the hard drive that was lost last year.

This one lost hard drive has resulted in Health Net having to pay $250,000 to the State of Connecticut along with implementing new privacy-protection measures.

Included in the terms of the deal is two years of credit monitoring for affected parties, $1 million in ID Theft insurance and reimbursement of any security freeze costs. Health Net is also possible on the hook for $500,000 payable to the state should there be any resulting ID Fraud.

With the stakes so high, I’ve spent countless moments scouring the internet finding videos demonstrating FREE and EFFECTIVE methods for destroying hard drives…

In this video, you will see a few construction workers using a “Core Drill” to bore out the center of a hard drive.

I’m not sure how much a core drill or replacement blades cost but it can’t be too much if someone is willing to goof around and destroy a hard drive with one.

The end result seems to be perfectly adequate destruction of a hard drive…

It would also seem that this method works well if you wanted to violently remove a portion of your foot and that of a co-workers.

For the record, although the hard drive and information on the hard drive seems no longer viable, I do not recommend performing this technique on your own.

The safest method to prevent serious injury to yourself or other humans and to prevent serious damage to public or private property, would be to seek out a professional Hard Drive Destruction Company to destroy your no longer needed hard drives.

Until next time…

Keep Totally Secure,


P.S. Please don’t try what you see on this video. These guys, although a bit irresponsible, do seem to know how to use this equipment.

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FREE Hard Drive Eraser

Posted on 17 July 2010 by Total Secure Shredding

Hey Folks,

A few weeks ago I was on a radio talk show talking about the importance of shredding documents and keeping your electronic information (Computer Hard Drives for example) secure.

After the show, I received a forwarded email from one of the radio show hosts where a listener mentioned that there are free hard drive “Eraser” programs that will securely erase your hard drive.

So, in the best of interest of my readers, current customers, and potential customers, here is the link to a FREE Hard Drive Eraser program called, appropriate enough, “ERASER”.

CAUTION: I have not used this program nor have I ever spoken with anyone who has ever used it. As such, I can’t advocate this product as an effective method of eliminating data from a hard drive prior to final hard drive disposal.

Also, there is something else you should keep in mind.

  • This program does not erase hard drives. Rather, it overwrites the current information on your hard drive several times with useless information that renders all your important data unreadable.
  • This program only works with Microsoft Windows operating systems (I’m sure there’s something else that works for Macs and other operating systems)
  • You must be able to get on the Internet, download this program, install it on the computer hard drive you want to “erase”, and then use it to “erase” files. This could be a problem if your computer is no longer operable but the hard drive is still intact.
  • From time to time, one or more areas of a hard drive cannot have information recorded on it. If the defect in this area of the hard drive occurred after information was already recorded, this software would not be able to “erase” the pre-existing data.
  • This is not something that you can just download, run, and all the info on your hard drive is gone. Since it is a program located on the hard drive you want to use it on, it won’t be able to overwrite itself or the necessary components of the operating system it is also using.

So how would this program be useful?

The problem with simply deleting files on your computer is that they are not really deleted. Your computer just marks the space where that file was located on the hard drive as available for saving new files. Consequently, all the information you feel is deleted is in fact still on the hard drive and can be retrieved with digital forensic software.

This program, instead of deleting a file, would allow you to “erase” it by overwriting that file multiple times making your data forever unreadable. So this program would seem to be an effective tool to use when deleting sensitive files located on a working hard drive that you wouldn’t want anyone else looking at.

But as far as disposing of no longer needed hard drives… probably not a great solution.

However, if you’ve had good success with this program or other programs like it, I would love to hear your feedback. Just leave a comment on this blog and then we can open this matter up for discussion.

Until next time.

Keep Totally Secure,


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