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Best Shredding Service San Diego – Happy Customer

Posted on 15 August 2011 by Total Secure Shredding

A happy customer sent this to me the other day via email. He came down to our facility to drop off some documents for shredding and apparently he was happy with the service :-)

As you know, on occasion I come across someone or some business that provides good service and is worth telling others about. I am just as quick to spread the word on crappy service so it seems only fair and I usually send out more of the good ones.

As we prepare for moving we have been going through a lot of document boxes, sifting through the tons of paper that are stored up and separating the “must keep” (like a car certificate of title from a car my dad owned in the 1941) from the “we’ve kept this long enough let’s get rid of it” (like account statements from an account now closed for 15 years).

We have a small shredder at home we use for the day-to-day stuff but this moving process generated six trash bags filled with documents and one with CDs. Obviously, sitting at our little shredder getting rid of this stuff for identity and security purposes would be a painfully long process. We went to Total Secure Shredding near the sports arena. I dropped off all the bags and off they went into the shredder. They price stuff by the “paper box” units. I eyeballed the bags to probably five boxes. They said I was wrong. Well, they didn’t say it they just charged me for the four boxes they estimated.  It cost me $15.84 to shred stuff that would have taken me a week at home.

They have a variety of price structures depending on the type of shredding you want (strip cut or cross-cut for the truly paranoid) and on the quantity. They offer mobile service if you don’t want to drop off, and even do office service where they drop off containers and pick them up on a monthly or whatever basis. They even shred computer hard drives!

So, if you need some shredding and the quantity is more than your little table top shredder can handle this is definitely a good place. Fast, cheap, and reliable. If you are a first-time customer you can get an on-line discount coupon by registering on their non-information sharing web site (they won’t sell your email to Wal-Mart). Ah yes,  the place is run by a veteran.

- Nate from San Diego

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