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Mobile Shredding Services

Secure witnessed shredding on-site at your home or business.

For ultimate security and convenience, Total Secure Shredding offers San Diego residents and businesses the option to have a mobile shredding truck come directly to their home or business. Customers choose our mobile on-site service to witness the entire shredding process from start to finish. We have state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks that are equipped with powerful pierce and tear, cross cut shredders. Our trucks are capable of shredding over 5,000 lbs. of documents per hour, which equates to about 75 standard size file boxes in roughly 30 minutes.

Inside Our Mobile Document Shredding Trucks

Our mobile paper shredding is highly automated. Once our drivers arrive at your home or business the truck does most of the on-site work. Here's a glimpse into our process:

We do not allow anyone to view their shredded material once the process is complete for safety and security reasons. But rest assured that your destroyed material is in good hands. Our drivers go through comprehensive background checks that include 10 years of employment history, federal and state criminal history, credit checks, driving records, and immediate and ongoing random drug tests - all of which is verified annually by a third-party auditor.

How to Prepare Your Documents Before We Arrive

1. Our mobile shredding trucks are large, they measure about 40 ft. long and 13 ft. high. We will need a safe area to park to perform our service. At businesses we usually park in the building parking lot or sometimes in commercial loading zones on the street. At residences we usually park on the street at the base of your driveway. We will not attempt to park or drive on small or custom driveways, as our trucks are also very heavy and we don't want to risk damaging your property or our trucks. Low, overhanging trees or steep inclines and declines can also prevent our service. Please let us know if your business or residence contains any of the above concerns, that way we can evaluate the situation in advance.

2. Ensure that your materials have been thoroughly examined to remove any combustible materials, metal objects, office equipment, computer cables, old cell phones, batteries, food, or other garbage that may be harmful to our shredder.

3. You must remove materials from 3-ring binders and any plastic casings such as documents in plastic folders or plastic bags.

4. You don't need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, hanging folders (with metal strips), manila folders, paper board legal binders, spiral notebook binders, thin plastic sheet protectors or books.

5. Please let us know how your documents are contained. Are they in boxes? Are these standard sized file boxes (10x12x15), or are they oversized moving boxes? Are your boxes sturdy with lids, or are the boxes old and breaking apart with no lids? Is there any material overflowing from the box itself? If there are no boxes, are your documents in piles, bags, file cabinets, or are they just loose? We want to have the proper equipment to safely and efficiently move your documents, so please inform us about the state of your documents.

6. Your documents must be at ground level and easily accessible, or we must have access to an elevator. We don't move boxes from attics, basements, off shelves, up or down stairs, or from any area that we cannot easily wheel our carts or hand carts to and from. If we arrive to find one of these conditions we may refuse service, or you might incur significant extra charges outside of the original quote.

7. When you book our services we are reserving time out of our daily schedule to perform your work. Please contact us immediately if your situation changes or if you will not be available to receive service. We do charge a fee for cancellations that are the same day or less than 24 hours in advance.

8. You must dispose of any empty file boxes yourself, so please take this into consideration before we arrive by making the appropriate disposal arrangements.

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Polite, Professional, Presentable, and Efficient.

"Thank you Mike. Everything was great and the young man who came here was very polite, professional, presentable and efficient. We don’t shred documents that often, but we will call you again when we do."

Bobbi Hoff , Executive Assistant to the Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of San diego

Professional, Neat, and Courteous.

"Mike- Everything went very well. Your driver/shredder was professional, neat, & courteous. I will definitely recommend you. Thank you,"

Lea Ward,
Trust Management Entities

"Here is just a note to say that your employees are very professional and give great customer service. After completing our job, without having to ask, they stacked the emptied boxes very neatly in our office and even moved back items I had cleared for their path. This is our third time using your company and we will definitely be using your services again."

Marji Marshall, Accounting Manager, Exponents, Inc.

Happy Resident

"I was very impressed with the timeliness of your operator, his courtesy and professionalism, and the overall service. The vehicle was intriguing and left me with a solid feeling."

Jerry Anderson, San Diego Resident

Impeccable,Friendly, Efficient, & Professional

"Please accept my sincere thanks to you and your employees and organization for your recent shredding services. Your employees and service have been impeccable, friendly, efficient and professional from the start I was referred to you... and I will continue to refer your services to my friends and clients, as I believe that referrals are the highest form of compliment. Consider yourself complimented!"

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