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Standard Size File Boxes

All price quotes are based on standard size file boxes (a.k.a. Banker Boxes) which measure 10” x 12” x 15”. These boxes are typically what you’ll find at office supply stores. Any boxes that are not the standard size are prorated accordingly. If you have any questions about box size before initiating a shredding service, I would be more than happy to come out, take a look, and provide a quote on based on exactly what you have.

Additional Fees May Be Applied

Significant additional service charges may be applied if the boxes are not on the ground floor or if our trucks cannot park within a reasonable distance from where the boxes are kept. I offer the absolute best prices I possibly can but that means everything is ready and readily accessible once we get to you. Most of the time we try to avoid this charge but if your documents are in the basement behind the boiler with no elevator I will have to charge extra – I think that makes a lot of sense to most reasonable people. These additional charges are determined on case by case basis.

Prices Available Most San Diego County Locations

All listed prices are generally available to most locations throughout the County of San Diego. However, we don't service all parts of the county and additional fees may apply to rural areas located outside of most major San Diego County Cities. Call for details if you have any questions.

Empty Box Disposal

Our Mobile Paper Shredding Service and the prices quoted typically do not include disposal of empty boxes once their contents has been destroyed. I used to throw that in for no additional charge (actually our standard prices were a bit higher) but since most customers are looking for the best price on just shredding, I no longer include empty box removal. We can take away your boxes for a small additional fee. We charge $40 to take away your fist 100 empty boxes and $20 for each additional 100 boxes. I have someone I use to take away our empty boxes and I’ll be happy to give you their name!

My Employees Health

Total Secure Shredding, Inc. reserves the right to not perform shredding services at your location if my service technicians deem your facility or the status of your documents pose a potential health hazard. My technicians have full discretion in determining whether or not a potential health hazard is present in order to continue with service.

Prices are Final

All prices are negotiated prior to service! My technicians are not authorized to provide any discounts without Management’s Permission.


All testimonials were provided freely by actual Total Secure Shredding, Inc. customers without any form of compensation, gifts, or discounts of service. Many times we get thank you notes about our service in which case I ask if I can use them as testimonials. If a customer has a good experience and tells us about it, I often ask if we can write their words down to use as a testimonial.

So if you want to send us a testimonial, please feel free to call it in, mail it, email it, fax it, or post it on the many 3rd party local business review web sites.